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Republican Central Committee

Central Committee Officers
Chair: Allen Maez, (970)560-5129,
Vice Chair: Casey McClellan, (970)529-3392,
Secretary: Jan Gardner, (970)565-2197,
Treasurer: Bob Toles, (970) 946-1194,

Precinct Chairs

Precinct 1:

Fred Petit

Mike Dooley

Precinct 2:

Allan Thayer

Amanda Winter

Precinct 3:

Troy Gattis

Mike Lynch

Precinct 4:

Lenetta Shull

Bob Ower

Precinct 5:

Ron Serabia

John Shriner

Precinct 6:

Willard Leight

Ethan Summa

Precinct 7:

Jeff Coulon

Roger Echols

Precinct 8:

Patti French

Bill Banks

Precinct 9:

Tiffany Cheney

David Spiegel

Precinct 10:

Vickie Ragland

Tiffany Ghere (Gray)

Precinct 11:

Leander Gridley

Max Ash

Precinct 12:

Steve Wilderson

David Raubeson


All are welcome to attend our meetings, regardless of party affiliation


Meetings:   2nd Tuesday of the month, 7pm at the Montezuma County Annex, 107 N Chestnut.

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